12oz 70's Lovin' Candle

Take a time machine back to the groovy 70’s with the 70’s Lovin’ scent. This light, fresh scent includes odor-killing enzymes that absorb and completely eliminate the bad smells around your home. With an extended 90-hour burn time, this 12oz candle will remove odors from your house for longer than most other candles. You don’t have to have lived through the 70’s to enjoy this candle—it’s great all on its own!
Features & Specs
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Product Features:
- Contains enzymes that absorb and eliminate foul odors
- Features a long 90-hour burn time
- Comes in a reusable glass mason jar with metal lid

What's Included:
1 x 12oz 70's Lovin' Candle (#SH4)
12oz 70's Lovin' Candle