Six Pack Ceramic Mug Pipe

The mug is made of ceramic and features a realistic looking male torso with a six-pack. Don't worry, all six abs are included with purchase!
Features & Specs
Features & Specifications




6in - 10in
Additional Details
Attached to the side of the mug is a pipe where you can pack your smoking herb and light it. The smoke filters up the hollow handle to the mouthpiece on the top, allowing you to enjoy a smoke with your steaming coffee. The mug holds approx 10oz.

Product Features:
- Size: 6.75" H x 5" W x 3.75" D
- Holds approximately 10oz
- Made of ceramic
- Realistic six-pack design

What's Included:
1 x Six Pack Ceramic Mug Pipe
1 x Colour Gift Box
Six Pack Ceramic Mug Pipe
Six Pack Ceramic Mug Pipe

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