RoK Dry Herb Coil 5-Pack

An integrated part of the Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig, the Dry Herb Coil has been designed specifically for use with the RöK. These certified replacement ceramic coils are made with coil-less technology so the users dry herb never touches the heating element and provides better taste. Ask your sales rep about our price match guarantee.
Features & Specs
Features & Specifications




Additional Details
Tip: after each use, wait until the atomizer has fully cooled and use isopropyl alcohol with a cotton bud to clean out the interior of the cup.

Product features:
- Made for use with dry herb
- Made of durable metal
- Quality construction
- Coil-less ceramic technology
- Certified Pulsar Vaporizers Replacement Part

What's included:
5 x RoK Dry Herb Coil
1 x packaging box
RoK Dry Herb Coil 5-Pack
RoK Dry Herb Coil 5-Pack
RoK Dry Herb Coil 5-Pack

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