Extreme Q & V-Tower Glass Cyclone Bowl

This is a replacement Cyclone Bowl to be used with the Arizer V-Tower or the Arizer Extreme Q. The Cyclone Bowl is where your actual herbs are stored during the vaporization process. This is the exact same product that is included in the accessory box with either of these vaporizers.
Features & Specs
Additional Details
Product Features:
- Compatible with Arizer V Tower or the Arizer Extreme Q
- Glass construction
- Flat screen to prevent materials from falling into the heating element during convection vaporization
- ‘Cool touch’ black top for safer handling (Can still get hot, be careful!)

What's included:
1 x Glass Cyclone Bowl
1 x Flat Screen
1 x Black Cool Touch™ Topper
Extreme Q & V-Tower Glass Cyclone Bowl

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