Rose Water Pipe

Summer is in full bloom with My Bud Vase™ signature collection piece, Rose. A modern take on vintage Victorian flowers, this elegant Rose blends femininity and functionality for a high-class consumption experience. We think the Rose vase makes a perfect gift for loved ones and friends. Whether you want to make a romantic gesture, congratulate a bride-to-be, encourage a new journey, or just say "Thanks", you will be gifting a Rose that lasts forever.
Features & Specs
Additional Details
Product Features:
- H: 10.25"
- W: 5.25"
- 3.5" 9mm bubble bowl

What's Included:
1 x Rose Water Pipe (#MBV210)
1 x Rose Custom Slide
1 x Fixed Downstem
1 x Rose Flower Poker Flower Poker
1 x My Bud Vase® Tag & Certificate of Authenticity
Rose Water Pipe
Rose Water Pipe